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World Autism Day

World Autism (2nd of April) Day aims to raise awareness about the struggles and challenges that individuals with autism face every day, and to bring attention to the importance of both, acceptance and understanding of the same.

Autism is a neurological disorder that affects people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities.

It is estimated that 1 in every 160 children globally has autism, and the numbers are increasing every year. However, despite the prevalence of autism, there is still a significant lack of awareness and understanding about the condition.

The World Autism Day was first established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2007, to promote international cooperation and awareness about autism. The theme for World Autism Day 2023 is, “Transforming the narrative: Contributions at home, at work, in the arts and in policymaking.”

The theme itself, enables autistic people to claim their dignity and self-esteem, and to become fully integrated as valued members of their families and societies, highlighting the importance of inclusion for individuals with autism.

World Autism Day is also an opportunity to recognize the unique strengths and talents of individuals with autism. Many individuals with autism have exceptional abilities in areas such as music, art, and mathematics. By celebrating these strengths and talents, we can promote a more positive and inclusive understanding of autism.

Tuteck Technologies is building world’s first Learning marketplace for the people with Learning Disabilities (Autism, Dyslexia etc.) – EdukkaSEN, where we are implementing advanced machine learning, neural network technologies to create a unique as well as an engaging experience for the users.

In conclusion, World Autism Day is an important day that raises awareness about autism and promotes understanding and acceptance of individuals with the condition. It is an opportunity to recognize the challenges faced by individuals with autism and their families, as well as to celebrate their unique strengths and talents. By working together, we can create a more inclusive and supportive world for individuals with autism.

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