Making positive impact through technology innovation

At TuTeck Technologies, we believe in adopting advanced technologies to help people’s life better and progressive. 

With a mission to bring positive changes to the world, TuTeck Technologies is launching two solutions to the market to solve age old problems of our society and life like “Inequality” and “Fraud”.


EdukkaSEN offers Augmented Reality based video conferencing experience for teachers and students alike. Our platform provides the resources to deliver lessons or access programmes aimed at various learning needs. At EdukkaSEN we believe parents play an important role in an individual’s learning, hence along with our teaching -learning platform we also offer pre recorded and live training sessions for parents. Parents can also access our resources to support their child at home.

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IDocuSense is a unique AI/ML based next-gen Intelligent Document Extraction and  fraud & risk Analytics platform helping enterprises in Finance, Insurance and Healthcare domain