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Empowering Women’s Independence: TuTeck Technologies Leading the Way 

Empowering Women’s Independence: TuTeck Technologies Leading the Way 

Independence Day is a time to celebrate freedom and the spirit of empowerment. It’s a day when nations commemorate the struggles and sacrifices that led to their freedom. But freedom isn’t just a national concept; it resonates deeply with individuals as well.  

In the world of technology, TuTeck Technologies stands out for its remarkable efforts in enabling the women within its ranks to gain a different kind of independence – professional empowerment.

In this blog, we will delve into the stories of several inspiring women at TuTeck Technologies who have found their freedom through empowerment. 

 We shine a light on how TuTeck Technologies is enabling the women of its workforce to gain freedom – freedom to grow, lead, and excel!

Through the stories of exceptional women like Sohani Das, Tanushree Mukherjee, Ashmita Pati, Soma Bhattacharjee Lahiri, Saonli Mondal, and Harmeet Kaur Sahdev, we explore how TuTeck is championing their progress and success. 


Sohani Das, a Software Consultant at TuTeck, shares how TuTeck’s commitment to gender equality is reflected in her challenging and diverse projects. 

TuTeck’s approach of assigning projects pushes the boundaries of her skillset, and has not only honed her expertise but has also allowed her to contribute significantly to the tech industry. This emphasizes on personal and professional growth is a testament to TuTeck’s dedication to women’s empowerment. 

Additionally, Sohani’s journey is a testament to TuTeck’s commitment to gender equality. As a UX designer, she is given the autonomy to make final decisions related to designs, highlighting TuTeck’s trust in her expertise and creativity. 

Tanushree Mukherjee, a Senior Quality Assurance Consultant, highlights TuTeck’s efforts to empower women through networking and knowledge-sharing events. These initiatives not only foster connections with industry experts but also promote continuous learning. 

By imparting tech-related knowledge and creating a supportive environment, TuTeck is ensuring that women like Tanushree stay at the forefront of technological advancements. 


For Ashmita Pati, a Junior Quality Assurance Consultant, independence goes beyond just professional growth.

TuTeck Technologies recognizes this and goes the extra mile by providing soft skills training and awareness sessions on topics such as cervical cancer. By fostering a culture of awareness and empathy, TuTeck empowers its women to take control of their health and well-being. 

Furthermore, receiving constructive feedback for growth and improvement is another facet of Ashmita’s empowerment journey. TuTeck’s commitment to nurturing its employees’ potential goes hand in hand with its dedication to holistic development. 


Soma Bhattacharjee Lahiri, a Senior Manager of Human Resources, attests that independence in the workplace isn’t solely about tasks; it’s about having ownership over one’s projects.

TuTeck Technologies acknowledges this need and empowers Soma to take charge of her initiatives, fostering a sense of pride and responsibility. 

Flexible work timings further solidify the concept of professional independence. TuTeck’s recognition that work-life balance is crucial for empowerment allows Soma to juggle her responsibilities at work and home effectively. Moreover, TuTeck encourages Soma and other women to shed limiting beliefs and speak up, creating an environment where self-belief is nurtured. 


Saonli Mondal, a Senior Quality Assurance Consultant, shares her journey of gaining leadership opportunities at TuTeck.

The company’s commitment to inclusivity and recognizing talent regardless of career gaps allowed her to restart her career with confidence. TuTeck’s belief in women’s potential fuels Saonli’s success story. 


Harmeet Kaur Sahdev, a Senior Brand Marketing Manager, has found her independence through brand empowerment.

TuTeck’s recognition of the importance of branding has allowed Harmeet to shape and cater to brand guidelines, becoming a source of inspiration and motivation for her. In this aspect, TuTeck empowers its women to unleash their creativity and make their mark on the company’s brand image. 

Moreover, the freedom to make choices and learn from mistakes is pivotal in Harmeet’s empowerment journey. TuTeck’s approach of embracing the tech branding process, even for those from non-tech backgrounds, exemplifies its commitment to breaking barriers and fostering growth. 

As we celebrate Independence Day, TuTeck Technologies shines as a model for women’s empowerment in the tech industry. The stories of Sohani Das, Tanushree Mukherjee, Ashmita Pati, Soma Bhattacharjee Lahiri, Saonli Mondal, and Harmeet Kaur Sahdev paint a vivid picture of how TuTeck is breaking barriers and redefining norms. With a commitment to diverse projects, continuous learning, holistic development, flexibility, leadership opportunities, and innovative thinking, TuTeck Technologies is truly enabling women to gain freedom in the modern workforce. This Independence Day, let’s celebrate the strides made by TuTeck and the inspiring women who shape its narrative. 




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