Leveraging Informatica for Enhanced ESG Compliance in Supplier Management

In an era where environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors play an increasingly pivotal role in shaping corporate landscapes, businesses are compelled to prioritize sustainable practices across their supply chains. Suppliers, as crucial contributors to a company’s ESG performance, need to adhere to stringent compliance standards. Informatica, a leading data management and integration platform, emerges as a powerful ally in the quest for ESG compliance. This article explores how Informatica can assist organizations in navigating the complexities of ESG compliance within their supplier networks.


“As Informatica and our customers bring data to life in inspiring ways, we also maintain a commitment to strong governance, and social and environmental responsibility. We are creating an environment where we are able to thrive, drive business growth, and support our communities worldwide.” – Amit Walia, CEO at Informatica

Key Considerations for Maintaining ESG Reporting Mandates

Being compliant with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) mandates is crucial for several reasons, encompassing both ethical and practical considerations. Here are compelling reasons why organizations should prioritize ESG compliance:

Importance ESG Supply Chain Management

Importance of ESG Compliance

Key Steps for ESG Compliance in Supplier Management

  1. Integrate External ESG Rating Agencies
  2. Ingestion and Integration with Enterprise Data for Product and Supplier
  3. Create a Sustainability Hub powered by cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google, Snowflake or Databricks.
  4. Categorize the supplier data to different tiers based on ESG ratings and assessments data.
  5. Enrich the Sustainability Hub with enriched Product and Supplier Data.
  6. Publish Analytical Dashboards with Supplier rating for ESG compliant Supplier Chain Management.

How Informatica Assists on ESG Compliance in Supplier Management

  1. Integrate with External ESG Rating Agencies: Informatica Data Integration & Ingestion service natively integrate external ESG rating agencies like D&B, Morningstar, Sustainalytics, MSCI, Assent, EcoVadis, Moody’s, etc.
  2. Ingestion and Integration with Enterprise Data for Product and Supplier: Informatica supports enterprise level connectivity to load data from multiple enterprise data sources to create product classifications mapped with supplier data with ESG ratings.
  3. Sustainability Hub: Informatica’s out of box connectors to all major cloud hyperscaler support building a sustainability hub of enriched Product hierarchy/classification mapped with Supplier data with ESG ratings as tier-1 or tier-2 based on emissions and/or collected activity data.

On top of the above, the primary factor of ESG Sustainability Hub is the Data Governance where Informatica plays an important role for Data Quality, Curation powered by automated data classification with deep technical metadata.

Reference Architecture

Following is a reference Architecture for ESG compliance for Supply Chain Management powered by Informatica

Informatica ESG Supply Chain Management reference Architecture

Reference Architecture



Informatica plays a pivotal role in advancing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) compliance within supply chain management, offering a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking to embed sustainability and responsible business practices. By utilizing Informatica’s robust data governance, integration, and analytics tools, companies can seamlessly aggregate, assess, and monitor ESG-related data from diverse suppliers. The platform facilitates real-time monitoring, standardized reporting frameworks alignment, and automated data collection, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of information crucial for ESG reporting. Informatica empowers organizations to identify and mitigate risks, enhance supplier collaboration, and benchmark performance against industry standards. With the ability to adapt to evolving regulatory landscapes and foster continuous improvement, Informatica emerges as a strategic enabler for organizations committed to achieving and maintaining ESG compliance throughout their supply chains, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and ethical global business ecosystem.


At TuTeck, we are partnered with Informatica to provide support to our customers for ESG compliance Supply Chain Management. Please Contact Us to discuss your ESG compliance maturity and how we can address the same.


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