Quality Assurance

Delivering exceptional quality

No real-world software can be 100% accurate. But to achieve this we make sure that we test systematically and fix the bugs found.

At TuTeck Technologies, we guarantee software testing process with assured quality.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Ensuring Quality of Delivery

In order to build high performance cloud, web, and mobile app solutions, we leverage the best-in-market quality assurance service.

Functionality Testing

It is important for us to make sure that each application feature works as per the requirement of the software. Functionality testing at TuTeck Technologies ensures that the application can run both quickly as well as flawlessly.

Usability Testing

TuTeck technologies thinks about its end users and how they will interact with the application, and hence helps in exhaustive analysis identifying potential errors, confusing designs, and performance flaws.

Performance Testing

We believe that it is our responsibility, to consistently keep testing in order to avoid failure as we grow, providing a comprehensive report of our findings to help make the appropriate decisions in order for your organisation to scale up.

Compatibility Testing

With the help of different browsers, databases, resolution displays and devices, our QA specialists at TuTeck Technologies will test the full compatibility of your application. The impact of the software is measured post the inspection of hardware and server infrastructures.

Precision and accuracy at every step

Proactive identification of defects and issues, allowing the functioning of Quality Assurance to reach the highest level of maturity, enabling your IT & business to be ready for the future.

Our manual testing service ensures human expertise, technology, and processes in order to identify defects and issues thoroughly.

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