Master Data Management

Single source of truth

Master data management (MDM) is a technology-enabled framework to create and maintain a single version of truth for each person, place, product, asset or thing in a business, from across internal and external data sources and applications.

MDM eliminates endless debates about “whose data is correct.” by proving a single source of trusted data

Master Data Management

MDM Components & Processes

Master Data Management Framework 

Any master data management program need to define a framework to identify , transform and manage the organization data, however it can vary depending on business requirements and complexity of overall architectural landscape. 

What is Master Data?

Master data is the core, non-transactional data used across the enterprise, including customers, accounts, locations, products, supplier and is used to classify and define transactional data.

List of Master Data Domains in the organisations –

Benefits of MDM

MDM eliminates all redundancies that occur when organizations produce data from multiple, conflicting sources.