Data Governance

Govern your own data

Organization wants to have a greater control on how the data is managed and processed across organization. Lack of Data Governance may lead into multiple effects. Data driven enterprises focus on “Govern your own data” to achieve multifold benefits like

Data Governance

Data Governance Benefits

Quality Data





Improved Data Quality

Ensure that data is accurate, complete, and consistent, which is essential for making informed business decisions.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Helps organizations comply with all regulatory requirements that govern how data must be managed, protected, and shared

Increased Efficiency

Streamlines data-related processes and reduces the time and resources required to manage and maintain data.

Accurate Decision

Trusted, Improved, Efficient and compliant data processing and management system helps on accurate decision making

Enhanced Trust

Helps build trust among stakeholders, including customers, employees, and shareholders, by ensuring that data is managed ethically and transparently

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Data Governance Process

At TuTeck, we follow multi-level approach to increase the Data Governance maturity level of data driven enterprises. Depending upon the current maturity level, our DG advisory team get engaged in specific pillars of Data Governance. Our Data Governance implements process involves specific steps with specific outcomes to ensure 100% compliance with regulations

Data Governance Framework

At TuTeck, we implement the Data Governance Framework following the People, Process, Technology principle defined on top of responsibility, accountability, consulted and informed (RACI) roles applied on people to manage the data assets across the enterprise.

Metadata & Lineage

Use of consistent definitions & better impact analysis

Data Quality & Monitoring

Accurate data for point in time  consumption

Master Data

Identifying & authoritative source for data

Data Security & Privacy

Compliance in Data usage & Security

Data Lifecycle

Cost savings from managing data by relevancy

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