Data & Analytics

Transforming data into information

The Data & Analytics strategy is the key for any business transformation. We help you manage, govern and derive insight from your data to accelerate your growth. Experienced data team with in-depth knowledge of data solutions and techniques will ensure seamless implementation of our data strategy and the best-fit data solutions.

Data Analytics

Unlock The True Value of Data

80% Of the Business Value is Created under the surface

Data analytics is essential for every data-driven enterprise to improve decision-making, efficiency, competitive advantage, risk management, and personalized marketing. The purpose of data analytics is to answer the four questions regarding the data events and generate insights

Benifits of Data Analytics

Better Decision Making

Better Decision Making

Increased <br>Efficiency


Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

Risk <br/>Management


Personalized Marketing

Personalized Marketing

Generating Insight from Data

We support  Data Driven Enterprises to generate Insights following the four main pillar of Analytics: Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, Prescriptive.

Depending upon the maturity our Data Analyst team support each kind of analytics following standardized steps:

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Our Analytics Approach

Understanding the Business Issue

  • Organization Business Goals
  • Identify current issues
  • Understand current Architecture
  • Understand the heterogenous source of data origin

Understanding the Data

  • Understanding the current data
  • Profile the quality of data
  • Identify the Critical Data Elements
  • Tagging Sensitive data attributes

Data Preparation

  • Collect Data from heterogeneous sources
  • Perform Data Wrangling, Cleansing, Standardization

Exploratory Analysis

  • Univariate, Bivariate & Multivariate analysis
  • Extract attribute co-relation
  • Impute Missing values
  • Outlier detection
  • Feature Analysis

Modelling & Validation

  • Identify desired ML model
  • Training the model
  • Evaluating the model
  • Parameter Tuning of the Model

Visualization & Presentation

  • Creating BI Dashboards
  • Configuring alerts/events
  • Exposing results through APIs

Our Technology Landscape