Data Advisory

Data Strategy : Foundation of your AI Journey

Our advisory team helps you defining enterprise data strategy with actionable objectives to unlock an organisation’s data capability and enable data driven decision making, while keeping data safe and compliant.

Data Strategy

Data Advisory

Showing the direction from data to insight

The advocacy team follows few core steps

Data to Insight

Data Maturity Assessment

Data Maturity

TuTeck Technologies Data Experts are helping clients in defining a data framework that allows organisations to assess the current level of their data standard or maturity, identify where they need to improve the standard, and help plan their data journey.

Our data experts will perform several interviews and workshops, review relevant documentation, and perform a system check & data audit where necessary. Findings are produced and alongside each finding an implication noted to articulate the business impact of that finding. We will share recommendations post assessment and an data maturity improvement roadmap for the organisation.

Four Step Data Maturity Model could be followed by the enterprises –

  1. Data Foundation – Most of the data focused enterprises should have a strong data foundation starting with data awareness across the organisation. There should be regular data literacy sessions to promote data culture, knowledge and awareness within the stakeholders of the organisation. Proper data management, data quality, catalogue 
  2. Enterprise Governance – With Data Strategy in place, Organisation will have to set up it’s data governance framework to enable people, process and technology together.
  3. Data Practices – It’s absolutely crucial for enterprises to adopt and implement data practices by following standard technology architecture, flexible data model, implementing privacy & security measures, implementing analytical solutions etc. 
  4. Creating Value – The data to insight or value can be achieved through various stages (as discussed earlier) like data management, quality , governance etc. but can be understood by great visualization or reporting. Self service driven quality insight can be realized through exploration, good visualization and  can help organisation in decision making.